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TabBook is basically an iPad Application designed to save and store all your Tabs on your iPad, so you can view them without an internet connection. This is very handy for guitarist's on the road, at band practices and more! More information can be found on the about page.

If you already bought the Application, move to the login page to add your own Tabs or search those already added by other users!

Latest news

Mini TabBook is now live!
By Erik Terwan on 29-03-2013

Mini TabBook is now live on the App Store, the successor of TabView; the iPhone version of TabBook. Of course with a smaller screen there is less room for viewing the tab, but in landscape mode you have enough room to easily play your tab. With built in scroller and the ability to change the font si...
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TabBook 2 out as update!
By Erik Terwan on 09-03-2013

Finally! Apple stopped complaining about copyrights after putting TabBook 2 in as a update. The App is now free, you can unlock more tabs if you buy an in-app purchase. I'm working on an update giving users who bought TabBook 1 80 free tabs to play, worth 2$. This update should come out the coming w...
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